Peer Reviewed

Iriart, V, Baucom, RS, Ashman, T‐L. (2020). Herbicides as anthropogenic drivers of eco‐evo  feedbacks in plant communities at the agro‐ecological interface. Molecular Ecology, 00: 1– 16.

Iriart, V, Forrester NJ, Ashman, T-L, Keubbing, SE. (In revision). The Plant Blog Project: an exercise to improve undergraduate science communication skills and interest in STEM coursework. Plants, People, Planet

Iriart, V, Baucom, RS, Ashman, T‐L. (In prep). Herbicide drift reveals species-level variation for resistance, tolerance, and effects on flowering, thereby reducing the abundance and diversity of pollinator resources in a synthetic community of wild plants.

Science Writing

Iriart, V. (August 21 2019) The Pansy Face. Plant Love Stories.